Common Core Forum Backlash

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Common Core Forum Backlash

December 5, 2013
CORNING -- (WENY) "We're trying to teach them to run before they can walk, which only leads to them being discouraged."
     This was just one of almost 300 parents, teachers and local leaders that had something to say about Common Core implementation in our area.
     "We're here to listen  because there has been too much talking at and talking down to the state education and not enough listening," said Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-CORNING).
     This was the closest common core forum for Diane Jewell. She traveled over 40 minutes to join many of the others at the meeting who think Common Core should be stopped or at least postponed until they evaluate the system further. Saying it's already affecting her son.
     "He looked at me on the first day of school and asked not to take the state test," said Jewell, of Arkport, NY. "If I stay quiet I am giving Commissioner King persmissio to tell our children that 70% of them are failures and us parents just don't think our kid is bright."
      Some there agree with bringing Common Core into schools.
     "What I see is the benefit long term of preparing kids to be more successful upon graduation," said Kathy Hagenbuch, Superintendent of Schools at Campbell Savona Centeral School District.
     "I believe the issues have to do with rushed implementation on the states part, not sequencing the implementation in a way that makes sense," added Hagenbuch.
     Just before the end of the almost four hour forum, one student decided to speak out.
     "I clearly remember getting out of our seats to reenact a scene from history that is the kind of education I want to have the kind that stays with you long after you leave the classroom.  I might be young but I am the one that is being affected by the decisions being made."
     They'll be taking those testimonies back to representatives from the state for review.