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Corning Man Bit by Fox

Corning Man Attacked by Fox

CORNING (WENY)--- Gerald Rose was simply cleaning his lawn mower on Saturday, but a potentially rabid fox had a different idea.
     "Well you either stay alive or you get back up on your feet," said Rose. "And that's what I was working on because he kept coming for my throat and face."
     Barely able to stand on his own two feet, the attack left Gerald Rose winded.
     "Well I tell you what, it's a wonder I didn't have a heart attack at my age," said Rose. "I was out of breath after I kept pawing him off."
     Gerald Rose says he had to paw the fox off at least five times. Rose was wearing a full sleeve shirt and sweatshirt, plus working gloves. It bit huge holes into his working gloves within just seconds.
     "It was all blood. My hand was all tore up my skin was coming right off my arm," said Rose.
      After the fox attacked Rose he says it likely it came through the woods to his nephew's home. That's where it was ultimately shot and killed.
     "We ended up having to kill it, and then we've seen several ever since that have been coming out in broad daylight," said Kelly Burdack.
      Gary Rose says he's seen bears in the woods by his back yard before, but never foxes.
     "What I worry about is people have kids running around in their lawns by themselves," said Rose. "That's something to look for and keep their eyes out and protect their kids because you don't know when it's going to happen."
     In the mean time, Gerald Rose is now getting rabies treatments for his bites, which includes a series of shots.
     The Steuben County Health Department suggested some tips for people and pets. They said to make sure your pet is vaccinated, and get a booster shot if it's been in a fight with a rabid animal. And for people, get immediate attention if you fear you may have been infected.