CPP High School Gets New Alma Mater

CPP High School Gets New Alma Mater
CORNING (WENY) -- The final piece of the puzzle was put in place for the two merging high schools in Corning. The Alma Mater.
With help from students, alumni, teachers and community members a brand new alma mater became a reality for the Corning Painted Post High School.  The new Alma Mater was presented and approved at Wednesdays school board meeting.
It was compose and written by William Carlson a former school board member and music teacher. Carlson says he wanted the words to speak about moving forward and looking ahead, rather than focusing on the schools once be separated.
I think what I really wanted to do is have something that was relatively easy to sing, something that was simple. something that would be lasting and something that looks forward to the future, says Carlson.
It was one of eight entries that went before a committee of students, teachers and community members. After a difficult selection process the committee narrowed it down to two choices and then left it up to the students. The alma mater that was chosen won in a 266 to 176 vote.