Ferratella Joins City Judge Race

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Ferratella Joins City Judge Race

CORNING (WENY) -- Former Steuben County Public Defender announced the start of his campaign for Corning City Judge this afternoon.
     Jim Ferratella, held an official Campaign Kick Off and Open House luncheon at his new headquarters on Market Street.
     But he's not on the ballot yet.
     He still needs to get enough petitions signed before the primary in September.     
     Ferratella says he planned to enter the race after he heard Corning's Former City Judge, David Kahl would be retiring after 28 years.
     "I'm fair. I'm going to be fair and I'm going to do it with integrity," said Ferratella. "And you want a judge that's going to be fair and impartial. Let no other interest get in your way. And when I say I'm not a politician, I'm not."
     Ferratella is running as a Democrat and is up against Current City Judge Robert Cole and Part time city judge Matthew McCarthy who are both running on the Republican ticket.