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Healthcare Sign Up Help Available

Local Help Avaialable for the ACA
     SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) --  March 31 is the enrollment deadline for the new health insurance mandate.  If you start today but you don't get a chance to finish your application, you can get some extra time.  Americans who apply by the end of the day have until April 15 to enroll for a specific health plan through the healthcare marketplace.

     This comes after many experienced technical glitches today while signing up on http://www.healthcare.gov/  website.  New York health officials say more than 800,000 people have enrolled for health insurance statewide.

     Some local lawmakers are worried about the healthcare sign up problems some people are experiencing.  In his media call Monday morning, Congressman Tom Reed said there's a level of uncertainty about the ongoing healthcare changes.  Reed does not believe the process is going as planned.

      "My biggest concern is when I hear the stories and look people in the eyes at the town halls, the people getting the cancellation notices, the premium increases, the change in the plans where they don't have the providers and the doctors they were promised the could keep that's the biggest concern I have," says Reed.

     The Navigation Program is a local resource for people who need help signing up for public insurance. 

     "We can help from the very beginning to take you through the application process," says Katherine Anderson-Reynolds, the Navigation Program coordinator.  "If you get stuck partially the way through we can work with people at that point, to where you really understand your options if you need help."

      If you need help, call 1-888-962-8244 or visit http://www.aimcil.com/ .  The Navigation Program is located inside the AIM Independent Living Cener at 271 E. First Street in Corning.