Historical Building Collapses in Penn Yan Flood

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Historical Building Collapses in Penn Yan Flood

PENN YAN (WENY) -- Crews have been working since Tuesday night to clean up after the disaster.
     Various roads throughout the village have been closed off
     Due to the aftermath, clean up may take weeks.
     Rising flood waters caused an historical building to completely collapse.
     "The water has run before fast but this is something we've never seen," said Jerry Gifford, owner of the collapsed building.
     Gifford just bought this building in November.
     And now there's nothing left.
     Completely destroyed by the flash flood that rushed through the area, leaving disaster in its wake.
     "Everything is a big hit," said Gifford. "It is what it is. The big thing is  no one got hurt. That's the biggest and most important thing to me."
     Gifford said the building was going to be a conference room for his business, Berkett Mills.
     Now, it's just pile of rubble.
     He says thankfully, his main building across the street, was only hit with a few inches of water in the basement.  
     "We're thinking it's nothing major," said Gifford. "You never know until you get in there but we're in there now cleaning, but we're thinking we can go back up and running quickly."