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Jenny Stamp Sold in Waverly

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Jenny Stamp Sold in Waverly

WAVERLY (WENY) -- Postal workers are calling it the Santa of Waverly. A Sayre stamp collector, Art Van Riper. got one of 100 sheets newly printed "corrected" inverted Jenny stamps.
     The US Postal Service issued the stamp in September to celebrate the 95-year-old edition was that printed by mistake.
     Postal workers never imagined the rare stamp would be in Waverly.
     Betty Gable sold the sheet of stamps to Van Riper.
     "I said I got 40 here, do you want them? Cuz the last one is probably going to be the winner; you know how that goes," said Gable. "He said, 'Yeah I'll take them.' And five minutes later, ten minutes later, he called and said he had it!"
     Waverly Postmaster, Zoe Sheahan said the U.S. Postmaster called earlier today and is planning to stop by the Waverly station in the future and would like to meet Van Riper.
     "Who would ever expect Waverly? I mean in little old Waverly. I'm really glad for him I think it's really awesome," said Sheahan.
     There are still 96 of the Jenny stamp sheets floating around the country. One of them is selling online for $25,000.