Changes coming to Millport Post Office

Changes coming to post office
MILLPORT (WENY) -- The United States Postal Office was going to close 3,700 post offices across the country starting in 2012. But after a strong negative response from communities they started exploring different options to keep existing facilities open.
Tonight a few local post offices are finding out what changes will be made in the coming months.
After years of post office traffic slowing down at locations nationwide, the US Postal Service is taking action. More than 13,000 US post offices are being effected and four of them are here in the Twin Tiers. The USPS is asking community input to determine the best course of action for their local post office. Options include keeping the post office open and reducing hours, or closing the office and having a  roadside mailbox delivery or having a local business provide mail services.
“So these meetings are designed to basically show what the community has voted on and will discuss what the process is going forward. Generally it takes about thirty days to make these operational changes and it can take upwards of 90 days depending upon what needs to be done,” say Tad Kelley from the US Postal Services.