Meals on Wheels Champion Day

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Meals on Wheels Champion Day

     ELMIRA (WENY_ --  It's not only March but it's March for Wheels!   Wednesday was the 'Meals on Wheels Chemung County Community Champions Day'.   It's a day where local officials go out and spread the message of how important the meals on wheels program is to the community. 

     The local program about 400 meals a day.  Eleven community champions delivered meals on Wednesday.  Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli and Congressman Tom Reed were two local leaders taking meals out.  County legislators and council members took 19 different routes delivering meals to seniors.

     "Each march we try to get our community champions out to support the meals on wheels programs," says Darlene Ike, the executive director for Meals On Wheels Chemung County.  "This gets some publicity for them, helps volunteers and makes people aware of what is necessary to run a meals on wheels program and what is needed."

     "I was asked if I would come in and help volunteer and deliver meals today and I was more than happy to help them out," says Chemung Co. Legislator, Peggy Woodard.  "I think that it's a wonderful program, what they do for the community."

     If you would like to volunteer call 607-734-9535 or visit .