Obesity now a Disease

Obesity change

ELMIRA -- (WENY) The American Medical Association voted Tuesday night to officially clarify obesity as a disease. At Five Star Urgent Care today Physicians Assistant Jenna Lee Foster was quick to point how obesity can lead to other serious problems.  "It can lead to diabetes, heart disease all sorts of issues like that," said Foster. 
     Foster is quick to point out, the change could also affect health insurance rates. "it could raise your rates, and that's one of the main issues" she says.
Foster wonders about disability claims too and says "its another reason for people to try and get on disability instead of fighting the disease up front."
     At Healthworks in Painted Post, trainers are ready to help people lose weight regardless of whether it's a disease or not.
"We treat people with all different types of illnesses, my position of exercise physiologist, we work across a broad spectrum and we have to have the knowledge in each different area to work with  these individuals " says Michael Avery, a Exercise specialist at the gym.
     The CDC estimates almost one in three Americans is obese.