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Rally to Save EPC

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Rally to Save EPC

November 13, 2013

ELMIRA -- (WENY) Well it's been making headlines for months now, the closure of the inpatient unit at the Elmira Psychiatric Center. But people in our area aren't letting that happen without a fight. They started a community task force to find ways to keep the center open.
     The group started in October and has been meeting every Wednesday since. It's made up of families of patients at the center, union workers, local businesses, and elected officials. Senator Tom O'Mara and Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli were there along with other supporters.
Discussing new ways to strengthen their cause. They're planning a rally at Clemens Center Parkway in Elmira on November 23rd from 10:00AM to 12:00PM.
     The Elmira Psychiatric Center has about a hundred inpatients now. With the new regional centers of excellence plan by the state office of mental health, those patients would have to go to Buffalo or Utica for care.
     "We're going to be having rally in November, on November 23rd, to bring the community together so that people that aren't aware of how
important it is to have mental health facilities in the area can see and realize because a lot of people out there don't understand the importance of it," said Linda Albert, one of two group organizers.
     Next Wednesday WENY will bring you the story of a family that would be directly impacted by the closure of the inpatient unit and how Governor Cuomo makes sense of it all.