New Push for American Jobs

New Push for American Jobs

     WASHINGTON D.C. (WENY) ---  There are more than three million job openings across the United States and more than twelve million people looking for work.   The problem, according to Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson, is the lack of training available for people who are looking to fill open positions.   So he helped create a caucus in the House of Representatives to address the issue.

    "A qualified and trained worker is the number one asset of any business," says Thompson.

     He co-chairs the bi-partisan Career and Technical Education Caucus in the House.  The caucus was created to discuss and fight for pieces of legislation that would help fill open jobs by funding training and certification programs. It's a fight, that Thompson says, is critical.

     "The best way to address unemployment, and there are lots of folks who are unemployed, underemployed, is to make sure they have a pathway to access the training and education, in order to get the skills and certification to fill existing jobs."

     Until recently, only the House had a Career and Technical Education Caucus. Now, the Senate has created one, too. Thompson says that's a huge step in lowering the unemployment rate.

     "It's not so important where you start, it's where you end up. And the key to that journey and that success is education."

     The House has passed more than 50 bills dealing with unemployment in the United States. Thompson hopes, now that the Senate has created its own caucus, that the chambers can work together to pass pieces of legislation and get people back to work.