Rochester Woman Murdered: Green River Killer

Rochester Woman Murdered: Green River Killer

ROCHESTER (WENY)---Nearly 30 years after a former Rochester woman went missing after packing her bags for Seattle, authorities say they've learned her fate.

She was killed by one of the nation's worst serial killers.

Investigators in King County Washington say 20 year-old Sandra Denise Major was killed by Gary Ridgway -- known to many as the Green River killer.

Major's identity was confirmed by a DNA match with her siblings in Rochester.

Ridgway has officially been linked to 48 murders, but has confessed to almost 70.

One of Major's cousins saw a movie about Ridgway on Lifetime... Learning about four of his unidentified victims.

With the help of the DNA tests, it was confirmed Major was one of those four victims.

Ridgway is serving a life sentence in prison.