S. Tier Towns See Black-Outs Ahead of Sandy

Power Outages

BIG FLATS (WENY)-- Hurricane Sandy has caused more than 1.5 million people to lose power across the country.

Here in the Twin Tiers it's the same story and electricity isn't the only thing missing for local residents, generators and flashlights are too.

Stores throughout the area are low on many  lighting devices. "Flashlights are low, batteries are low, portable buddy headers sold out, the little propane tanks are gone," said Deanna Dunlap of Lower's.

So, the question is if you didn't grab a generator, how do you stay powered up as Hurricane Sandy comes down?

"If it's a real emergency we can assist them we have some generators, if it's life threatening, contact the Fire Department and call 911."

The president of the Islamic Association of the Finger Lakes, Rachid Jafis rented a generator. "We set up power generator for people to use in case of power outages, we also have water and food for the community of big flats."

Some residents need to resort to candles, but it's important to take precaution with open flames.

"Keep them away from the windows, away from drapery, keep them out in the middle of the room so they aren't near something like pets and little kids who can tip them over and make sure they are out before you go to bed or leave the house," said Lt. Bump.

Those same officials also warn it will likely take days to restore power to everyone.

But Millport resident, Dick Mendehlsohn, is hoping he doesn't lose power at all.  He's picked up a generator and he's waiting to open the box. And all the while, he's kept one motto in his back pocket.

"Boyscout motto, be prepared."