Airlines Drop Seating Fees

Schumer Makes Progress on Airline Fees

(WENY)---If you're taking to the skies for family vacation, you may not have to say goodbye to your family at the gate.

New York Senator Charles Schumer announced Virgin America and JetBlue will not charge families extra fees to sit together on flights.

As we've reported, a number of major carriers have begun charging extra fees to passengers who want to sit in window or aisle seats.

Schumer says this can be dangerous for children to fly without parental supervision and he's happy about the progress.

In a statement he said, "This is good news because, as we all know, what generally happens with airlines fees is that when one of two carriers say they are going to do it, the others wait and see how it goes and then they follow suit."

Other Airlines are reserving a window and aisle seats for travelers willing to pay extra, hoping to boost revenue- about 25 dollars or more extra.