Special Report: WENY-TV Visits NYC

Special Report: NYC After Sandy

MANHATTAN, NY (WENY)-- The city that never sleeps is struggling to get back on its feet after Hurricane Sandy brought it to its knees.

Hundreds of thousands are still without power but subways, buses and airports are opening back up.

On 23rd Street in Lower Manhattan it is complete darkness, Thursday morning. That is because these people down here are without power. They've been like this since Hurricane Sandy hit.

However, Uptown, above 40th street is a completely different story. They have power and it's like business as usual. It's like two different cities.

However, back on 23rd Street, thousands are without power and just to give you some perspective, when we turn off the camera light on top of the camera, it is completely black. The only lights are those from police cars and taxi cabs that are traveling across town.

There is some normalcy in the city though, the subway system is slowly getting back on its feet. The libraries and buses are back open. Some of the tunnels under the East River have been pumped out. There's some limited bus service.

The Red Cross Volunteers from the Southern Tier are also in the city, where they arrived last night. Hurricane Sandy has changed the landscape of NYC forever, but we are hopeful that the city will soon get back on it's feet.