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Midday Makeover: SHRUB

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Dorothy Poppleton and Andri Goncarovs, owners of Fingerlakes Harvest, dropped by our studio to talk about a unique product: SHRUB.

Finger Lakes Harvest is a Wellness Arts Network Business.

What is SHRUB?
Our product name and a process that dates back to colonial days. How they preserved fruit. 3 simple ingredients – whole fruit, organic apple cider and organic cane sugar.
What can we use it for?
Flavor your water, make cocktails (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), make a simple salad vinegarette or marinade. Olden days drizzled on bread and called it a soak.
Is there a wellness aspect to this process?
Because we use apple cider vinegar (unfiltered, unprocessed) it has the ‘mother‘ in it. That is what is left after you don’t filter a vinegar. All the probiotics are left in it.
Just to explain a little more: Vinegar takes a couple years to go from apple cider (the juice) to vinegar. It’s a process of fermentation where the complex carbohydrates end up going to alcohol and then to acidic acid which is vinegar. What’s left over is this probiotic culture (the mother) which sinks to the bottom.
Probiotics are called lacto vectors – community bacteria – that are used to ferment any kind of fruit or vegetable and goes through the whole process of pulling out all the nutrients. The cider vinegar is the vector that pulls out color, nutrients, flavor – everything –and moves them over from the fruit into the fluids.
There are a number of different flavors. Is that because you are using different fruits (not coloring) to make them?
Yes. We use the whole fruit. We source our fruit as locally as possible. That’s in our name – Fingerlakes Harvest. We go to the farmers and we use the fruits that they produce seasonally. That way when you want strawberries in February, you can have it in SHRUB. 

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