WENY News - Corning Mayoral Candidates face off in debate

Corning Mayoral Candidates face off in debate

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November 2, 2017 

CORNING, NY (WENY) -- Community members gathered at Carey's Brew House in Corning Thursday night for a chance to see the three mayoral candidates face off in a debate. 

The first topic pitched to the nominees focused on renewable energy and how each candidate would improve energy efficiency.

"I think the first thing that we should do is we should create a City Council Committee dedicated to green energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy to
study all of the different options that are out there because there are a lot of them," says Republican candidate Nick Weinstein. 
"While the mechanism of forming a committee to study renewable energy was my idea ...but that's okay - I'm happy to share," Independent nominee Elizabeth Whitehouse responded. 

"While it's a good idea to start and make a plan, I foresee that we take years and years and years and years and years if it's left to city management. I have
undertaken to present a draft plan by the end of the year," Whitehouse adds. 

"I would call for a renewable energy committee to investigate best practices and to determine policy recommendations to the city council going forward, and Elizabeth - I'm glad to steal your idea," Democratic candidate and current Deputy Mayor Bill Boland says, with a laugh from the crowd. 

Another issue addressed to the three candidates included small businesses and examining regulations. Nick Weinstein proposed having more pro-active outreach from code-enforcement so owners understand the rules; Bill Boland suggested reviewing the regulations on a periodic basis, and Elizabeth Whitehouse said she would establish a mayor's fund to help new small businesses get off the ground. 

Other topics discussed included communication between the city government and the people; taxes; and housing and infrastructure. 
At the end of the debate, each candidate had a chance to make closing statements - a final push for why voters should choose them to be their next Mayor. 
"I think that too often at the national level the right and the left never get together to communicate with one another and it's something that both in my day job and as a candidate for Mayor I've tried to go out there and have conversations with folks whether they agree with me or not. I think that's how you break down barriers and find common ground," Weinstein says.
"There's always a better way to move forward and I think that I have more ideas of how I can find those ways than either of my opponents and as I have to repeat again and again, I have no obligation to anybody," Whitehouse concludes. 

"As mayor, I will double-down on the relationships and partnerships that make this constant work and make these remarkable results possible - results that make Corning the wonderfully unique place to live that it is," says Boland. 

At the end of the Mayoral debate, the candidates from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th ward races also had a chance to speak for two minutes about why they should be elected.

Election day is next Tuesday, November 7th. 

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