WENY News - Elmira City Council votes down parking fine moratorium

Elmira City Council votes down parking fine moratorium

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November 13, 2017 

ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- On Monday Elmira City Council voted down a resolution which would have eliminated parking tickets in the downtown area for a designated holiday shopping period.

The resolution was sponsored by 1st District Councilman James Waters. It would have suspended any parking meter violations from November 15th, 2017 through January 1st 2018. 

Waters was the only council member to vote for the resolution. He says the goal was to gather information about parking trends in the downtown area.

"I wasn't surprised. I was hoping that they would approve it because it would have given us some information to make some better decisions next year. I was hoping to do something different in the city because we keep making the same things and we keep getting the same results," Waters says. 

Other council members say they believe the measure would not have been effective.

"This year already we are behind on our collection of revenue from parking and enforcement. To give away the last part of the year and then turn around and next year expect people to have an increase in taxes because we gave away parking in downtown makes no sense to me," says 2nd District Councilman Brent Stermer, who voted against the resolution. 

In September, Elmira City Council increased parking fines from $10.00 to $15.00 and also expanded the ordinance to six days a week (to include Saturday). 

Also, during Monday's meeting, council approved an extension for filing the 2018 budget to December 15th. It was originally going to be presented on November 15th. 

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