WENY News - Guthrie employees help rescue child hit by car in Sayre Wednesda

Guthrie employees help rescue child hit by car in Sayre Wednesday night

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November 16, 2017 

SAYRE, PA (WENY) -- The car accident in Sayre, PA Wednesday night happened during the busy rush hour time, around 5:15 p.m. 

Cathy Leal who works at Guthrie/Robert-Packer Hospital, was on the staff shuttle bus headed to her car. 

As the bus approached the intersection of Hayden Street and Elmer Avenue, she says another employee witnessed something heart-stopping. 

"When we got to the stop sign, or just about to the stop sign, one of our co-workers on the bus had - not really shouted - but yelled, 'That little boy just got
hit by that car!' she says. 

Cathy recalls the full bus-load of Guthrie workers immediately jumped to action. 

"The door opened, we all went out to do what we could, like I said, several of us were on the phone calling 911, several of them approached the car, with definitely a little hesitation because they didn't know the extent of damages and injury to the little boy," Cathy says. 

When the staff made contact with the child, they remained dedicated to staying on scene. 

"He was coherent, talking, so they kind of just continued to keep communication with him until the paramedics were able to arrive." 

Cathy did not see the moment the accident happened, but she emotionally recounts what she did witness. 

"I saw the vehicle in motion with the little boy underneath still being dragged into the middle of the intersection so that still goes through my mind," she says.  

"He's 9-years-old and it's traumatizing, it's been hard all day to think about it," Cathy adds. 

Cathy says she believes the team of Guthrie employees were meant to be there to help. 

"Obviously we were there for a reason. We had a bus load of clinical and non-clinical people but we all work in a medical facility so compassion, teamwork,
dedication to just doing what we needed to do. I'm proud to be an employee here," she says. 

Officially, there is no word on the boy's current condition. However, WENY News was told he was treated and released from the hospital.

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