WENY News - FBI warns of fake federal warrant phone scam

FBI warns of fake federal warrant phone scam

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PHILADELPHIA, PA (WENY) -- There's a new scam going around, and it may sound, and look scary if you're targeted. Especially if the caller ID displays "FBI".

According to the real FBI bureau in Philadelphia, scammers are spoofing or faking the name and number of their Pennsylvania FBI field offices on Caller ID.

The scammers are calling people around the region, claiming to be with the FBI.

Afterwards they tell the victim that there's a federal warrant for their arrest, and the warrant will be thrown out if they make an immediate payment.

Another similar scam has been reported across the country. A scammer using a spoofed FBI phone number says the victim is behind on school loans, back taxes, or unpaid parking tickets. The scammer also demands money from the victim of they'll face jail time.

Typically in both scams,  the real FBI says the caller often knows the name, background, and personal cell phone number of the intended victim.

The FBI says they will never look for money, or threaten arrest over phone or email.

They also say to trust your instincts, and if you feel uncomfortable during a call that does not sound right, just hang up.

More information from FBI: Phone Scam Uses Threats and Spoofed FBI Phone Numbers

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