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Village of Van Etten residents learn process of moving forward with dissolve

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December 18, 2017 

VILLAGE OF VAN ETTEN, NY (WENY) -- It's been one week since residents in the Village of Van Etten voted to move forward with dissolving. Monday night, was the first board meeting since that decision was made. 

On December 11th, community members in the Village of Van Etten voted 103 to 76 to dissolve. 

"The vote that happened last week is the end of Chapter, and we have Chapters 2, 3, 4 & 5 to go," says Paul Bishop.

Bishop is an Associate Principal with Rochester-based non-profit group, Center for Government Research (CGR). CGR is the agency which conducted the original dissolution study, presented in August. 

He explains that the Village Board and Steering Committee now have 180 days to develop a plan outlining what the dissolve will look like, guided by state requirements.

"Essentially it talks about what happens to the laws that are on the books, what happens with village assets, and what happens to the services that the village residents currently receive, and finally what happens to employees of the village. So there's a few others, but those are the big ones," Bishop says. 

The public would then have a chance to comment on that plan. And for a second time, it would go through the Village Board. 

"That process can take another couple of months, and then the Village Board says, 'Okay this is our FINAL plan and this is when we're going to dissolve'" Bishop explains. 

At that point, the dissolve is still not finalized. If at least 20% of residents petition the board to hold another vote, the whole process would halt. 

"They can choose to dissolve again, or they can choose not to dissolve and then the village remains," says Bishop. 

CGR has set up a website with documents related to the dissolve. That can be found here: www.cgr.org/van-etten 

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