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Comforting Your Pets During Firework Displays

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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) – With the 4th of July comes plenty of fireworks. Now, you may be enjoying a display, but it could be a completely different story for your pet.

All pets can react in different ways, but odds are as an owner you have probably noticed your dog or cat becoming mildly uneasy or even down right terrified during a fireworks show. Because they hear sounds and pitches much more aggressively than us, you can really only try to comfort your pet during these times.

The seismic booms that come from huge firework displays can result in mild discomfort to actual terror for your dog or cat. So how should you go about calming them down?

PETSMART Pet Care Associate and expert Claudia Minotti spoke with us today an said, “If you have a room that's away from the windows and quiet like a bathroom that you can put them in and turn off the lights where it is not as loud.”

“My dog used to hide in the bathroom. You can hold them or wrap them in a towel. We have these things called Thundershirts. It's basically the pressure that makes them feel safe. They feel like they're being held and comforted.”

She went on to say, “If they are tied up definitely bring them inside and be there with them. If you can't be there with them put them in a room where they will feel safe with their pillow or little bed. Once they feel safe and secure they won't be as scared.”

“Don't take them to the fireworks unless you know they are not afraid. Some dogs tolerate thunder, some don't. Little dogs don't only hear the noise, but feel the concussive force. We don't, but they do as they are much more sensitive than us.”

Please enjoy the rest of your 4th of July Holiday.

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