WENY News - Canisteo remembers hometown hero, NYS Trooper Nicholas Clark

Canisteo remembers hometown hero, NYS Trooper Nicholas Clark

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     CANISTEO, N.Y. (WENY) -- Nestled between the mountains, you'll find the village of Canisteo. Where the village is small, and the people who live there have big hearts. Earlier this week, those hearts were broken after the tragic death of New York State Trooper, Nicholas Clark. To most people in the village, they'll always remember Clark as an athlete.

    "He was a tremendous athlete," said former Canisteo-Greenwood High School Athletic Director, Ann Hosmer. "But what I remember him the most about was just his work ethic.His preparation on off-season to get prepared for each season. He was just amazing to watch."

    Whether it was on the football field, or the wrestling mats, Clark always seemed to make an impact on those around him.

    "Our kids admired him," said Hosmer. "You didn't have to go too far to say his name and they knew exactly who we were talking about and what he did. It was the greatest thing for our school to see, and our kids to see and be a part of it. I know that's something that I will remember my lifetime."

    Right by his side was lifelong friend, Kyle Amidon. From youth wrestling, the two were always together.

    "We were the duo that was always together," said Village of Canisteo Police Department Chief and lifelong friend of Clark, Kyle Amidon. "Our parents split up roughly around the same time. We were always traveling together amongst one part of our family. We were never separated from that point all the way through our graduating year."
    Every school record one broke, the other wasn't far behind. When Clark went undefeated in wrestling and won a state championship in 2006, Amidon was right there watching. After graduation, they both went to different colleges, but never lost touch. Later, they would both find themselves in law enforcement. Since Clark's death, Amidon has been by his side at the funeral home every day. For the people of Canisteo, Trooper Clark will always be their hometown hero.

    "His name was always attached prior to this happening," said Amidon. "To this community, that will never be left unseen."

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