WENY News - Hurricane Florence Evacuees Head Back North

Hurricane Florence Evacuees Head Back North

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CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Hundreds of thousands of residents and tourists are making their way north to escape the impending destruction from Hurricane Florence. With a powerful storm surge and life threatening winds, so many have had to leave so much behind with only the hope of having a home to return to once Florence has passed.

Trying to get in touch with evacuees from our local area hasn't been the easiest given the circumstances, but we were able to meet with Haley Price, a former Corning resident, who just arrived back to the area today. She said, "Everyone was preparing for evacuations. A lot of people were staying. There was no water or bread on the shelves. People were fighting over food pretty much. The traffic was crazy with car crashes. It is so hectic down there."

Another story, this past year Watkins Glen native Kenzie Moore moved to Wilmington, North Carolina.  Now, her and her boyfriend have chosen to evacuate their residence. Kenzie told us in a Facebook message, quote,  "After waking up this morning and seeing that Florence would be sticking around Wilmington, my boyfriend and I decided it was best for us to pack the car and head north to Richmond with our cat."

For those along the coastline who have not evacuated, first responders and ferry services will not be able to provide aid during landfall.

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