WENY News - Neurauter sentenced to life without parole in the murder of his

Neurauter sentenced to life without parole in the murder of his ex-wife

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BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- Around noon on Tuesday, Lloyd Neurauter's sentencing hearing began for for the murder of his ex-wife Michele in 2017. It started with Michele's mother reading a statement in the courtroom. She detailed how manipulative and abusive Lloyd is, both physically, mentally and sexually. She went on to compare Neurauter to cult leaders Charles Manson and Jim Jones. 

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"That's what he does," said Michele Neurauter's Mother, Jeannie Laundy. "He cons people. He's so nice. He's just so nice and he leads them in and then goes out for the kill.

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Neurauter then read a statement saying he understands what he's done wrong and accepts his fate.The judge gave Neurauter 1 to 3 years for custodial interference, 3 to 9 years for conspiracy and life without parole for first degree murder. When the verdict came down, there was a sigh of relief in the courtroom from Michele's family and friends. Michele's mother says her family no longer has to live in fear of Lloyd Neurauter.

"I'm so happy he has life without parole because he will hurt other people," said Laundy. "He will continue to hurt others."

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Neurauter's lawyer, Christopher Tunney, was looking for 25 years to life. He claims Neurauter spared the county, family and friends financial and emotional toll by pleading guilty and avoiding a trial. Tunney also claims Neurauter has claimed responsibility for his actions. 

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"I think that those things, in and of themselves, do warrant some leniency in this case," said Tunney.

Steuben County District Attorney, Brooks Baker says Neurauter got what he deserved and doesn't believe his remorse. 

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"I thought it was something very contrived and contrite," said Baker. "I was not moved by it at all. I think it was very consistent with who he has been throughout this case. It was a self-serving statement with a singular goal and he failed, again."

According to Baker, Neurauter waived his right to appeal as a part of his plea agreement. His daughter, Karrie Neurauter, is set for sentencing next week for her role in her mother's murder. 

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