SENECA COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- After the the former Seneca Army Depot was bought by Seneca Iron Works owner, Earl Martin, he teamed up with Seneca White Deer Incorporated and Deer Haven Park, LLC. to preserve wildlife.

     This partnership will be the first step in creating a permanent eco-tourism attraction at the depot. 

     Not only will they be protecting wildlife, but they'll also be holding public tours again.

     The reopening of the depot will also create numerous jobs for the area.

     While they'll a big part of the depot, the tours will allow visitors to see more than just white deer. 

     "The blend of the military-civilian history, as well as the various wildlife and there's much more than just white deer there, said President of Seneca White Deer Inc., Dennis Money. "You have turkey's, you have an eagle's nest, you have ospreys, you have coyotes, you have skunks. So I think it's an unusual blend, but it's a blend that has worked very well."

     Even though the depot will open to the public for the first time since 2012, there's still a lot to do before they open. 

          "Improve the habitat and, when I say habitat, I mean the food that's available for the winter time," said Money. "Because over the past five years or so the quality and quantity of food has not been sufficient enough to support the large number of deer that are within the fence of the depot."

     Money says they plan to hold tours all year round and offer special ways to experience wildlife during each season.

     They also plan to build a welcome center for the opening of the depot in October. 

     For more information on how you can donate or volunteer at the depot, you can contact them through their visit website at: or at