Elmira Police have arrested a teenager from Sayre, Pennsylvania in connection to the baby girl found inside a plastic bag. 

They say the teen has been arraigned in Elmira City Court and is facing attempted murder charges. 

"You ain't got no right to do that to that baby. Ain't no right. And it really hurt my feelings. And I ain't got no kids, and you do that to a child, Lord," says Karen
Seals, who noticed the bag moving Tuesday afternoon.  

Around 1:00 p.m., Elmira Police responded to a home on the 600 block of Walnut Street after a child had been found inside a plastic bag outside. 

"Our officers responded and we did locate a small infant child approximately 12 - 16 months old that had apparently been abandoned behind a residence here," says Sgt. William Solt, with EPD. 

Police say the neighbors who found the baby girl began to give her aid until emergency personnel arrived on scene. 
"The good samaritans who found the child brought it inside, tried washing it up and immediately called 911.  They rendered as much first aid as possible until emergency responders could arrive on scene. The child was immediately transferred to a local hospital and is currently in stable condition," Sgt. Solt says. 

While the child was found Tuesday afternoon, police say she may have been left in the plastic bag overnight. 

"Estimates of how long the baby was outside vary. We do believe that it's more than 12 hours at this point. We have people who said they thought they heard noises last evening. So there's no way to confirm this because, like I said, the child wasn't found until today," says Sgt. Solt. 

The neighbors who made the initial discovery describe hearing odd noises, first thinking it may be an animal in distress. 
"My sister came out off the porch and went to the side to the backyard of my neighbor's house with a stick, thinking it was a dog. We thought it was a dog
honey, and it wasn't. It was a baby!" Karen Seals says.  

"I was going to go poke it to see what it was. I dropped that stick, looked down. I dropped it so fast, I walked up and I seen my baby - I'm calling it my baby - the baby, a little girl. Her legs were just dangling in the bag, her head was in the bag, her whole head was covered all the way down. I tore it," says Karen's sister, Kayla Seals, who rescued the baby girl. 

Tuesday night, police arrested 17-year-old Harriette M. Hoyt of Sayre, PA. She's being charged with attempted murder in the 2nd degree, a class B felony. 

Elmira Police are hailing the neighbors for their quick actions to help get the baby girl to safety. 
"Obviously, it's very heroic on their part to render aid, immediately get inside, as you would expect any decent human being to do.  Washed up the baby as quickly as they could and did whatever they could until first responders arrived. They are truly heroes in this incident," Sgt. Solt says. 

Elmira Police say Hoyt was arraigned Tuesday night, and there are future appearances scheduled. 

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Elmira Police have made an arrest in connection to the baby girl found in a plastic bag on Tuesday afternoon. Police say 17-year-old Harriette M. Hoyt, from Sayre, PA has been charged with attempted murder. 

Harriette will be arraigned in Elmira City Court. The investigation does remain ongoing. 

4PM UPDATE: Elmira Police confirm a young child was found in a garbage bag behind a home on Walnut Street. They tell us the female child was taken to the hospital, and is dehydrated but otherwise stable.

A neighbor who helped rescue the girl says they heard what sounded like a cat crying in a nearby yard. When they went to investigate, they say a child's feet were sticking out of the bag. They scooped up the child, called police and cleaned her up, saying she was filthy and covered in waste. 

Police say Child Services is involved, but no one has been charged as of yet. 

We are working to gather more information and will have a live report coming up on WENY News at 5:30 and 6PM.

ELMIRA, NY (WENY) - Elmira Police are on the scene at a home on Walnut Street.

Neighbors tell us a baby girl was found alive in the trash. WENY has a reporter on scene working to get more information.

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