HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- The 10th annual iMatter Festival was at the Chemung County Fairgrounds on Sunday as people came together to raise awareness.

     "It's really amazing when they're talking about suicide prevention and where they try to help prevent not killing yourself and everything," said fan, Jasmine Cuneiff.
     12 local and national bands came to the festival to help raise awareness for suicide, self-harm and self-doubt. 

     "It's actually great because it brings people together, brings people here as a community to have fun," said fan, Robert Mckown. "What they're doing here with iMatter with raising awareness is amazing. I personally lost people to suicide myself and to see them doing this for everybody, having these big name tag bands coming in is awesome."

     At the end of the day, fans are able to have fun, forget about their problems and be reminded that they matter.

     "I really think that it's a good thing," said fan, Heather Kyzer. "A lot of people don't understand the music and think that it's emo or something like that. But if they actually listen to it and listen to the words they would realize that it has a bigger meaning. A lot of us here, we went through a lot of things during our lives and music is a big part of getting through all the bad stuff that's happened to us."

     For more information about the iMatter Foundation, you can visit their website at