WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) -- When a water main broke yesterday evening on Madison avenue, many residents and businesses have been without water.

     "We kind of just showed up to start our day as normal and we noticed there was no water and noticed there was flooding out back and soon found out about the water main break," said a Crooked Rooster Pub manager. "So we basically just awaited instructions from the health department, what kind of precautions we had to have, if we could open, first and foremost."

     Many businesses had to close due to the water break. With the water not expected to be back until Thursday, this break could be costly to business owners. 

     "It was a little disappointing because it's a day not paid, but unfortunately it's a necessity," said Seneca Sweets Chef and Watkins Glen resident, Trevor Dsjardins. "I don't want to have to be serving people with bad water or anything. But I don't have my own water to speak of myself, so it's not very good on either side.

     Seneca Sweets was forced to close for the day due to not having water.

     "So we're going to play it by ear and see how the water is tomorrow," said Djsardins. "If it's still acting up then we're not going to be open."

     Businesses and residents who do have water are asked to boil it before using it. 

     "It's just been difficult because we had no water since 10 o'clock last night," said Watkins Glen resident, Earl Riddle. "When it first came back on it was a really nasty brown, smelt really bad, but it's getting better. They're doing their job right, so hopefully everything works out."

     Since there is a water boil advisory, residents are asked to not use the tap water to brush their teeth, food prep, cooking or to wash their hands or household items without boiling it first.

     Once water has been boiled and cooled, it is safe to use and give to pets.