Corning, NY (WENY) -- in a time when Planned Parenthood is in need of funding, they remind the community that their doors are always open.The organization maintains several resources, many of them free, which people throughout the public may not know even exist. 

Lauren West, director of the Sexual Assault Resource Program says "we do education, we help people understand what a healthy relationship looks like, for many people they have never been in one so they don't really understand what they should be looking for in a potential partner. Beyond that we also have *services to people who are we have* transgender services, we have a weekly youth group for people that identify somewhere on the LGBT spectrum so there are so many things aside from what everyone knows about planned parenthood."

They also provide a Sexual Assault Resource Center with highly trained and compassionate volunteers.

West believes that "victims need to hear it wasn't your fault, you did nothing wrong, we believe you and sadly so many don't hear that message from the people that care about them that's why I think it's important for our program to exist so that we can say to those victims it's OK you did nothing wrong your not to blame and we are going to get you help."

The center strives to provide a place for anyone to reach out for advice. 

West says "were doing so much in this community to help people to have a healthy life,  healthy relationships and to get what they need to heal from a sexual assault." Planned Parenthood emphasizes to law makers their role is more important than what meets the eye and that without Planned Parenthood, the area will lose a large scope of resources needed by the community.