CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Dave Clark Foundation held their seventh annual Disability Dream and Do baseball game at Tuller Field on Saturday.

     From 9AM until noon, kids and young adults with disabilities could step up to the plate and play some ball.

     "It's an opportunity for folks just to have a day where they can just come out, enjoy the game of baseball," said Disability Dream and Do director, Doug Cornfield. "Not just to dream about doing something like this, but actually getting them on the field and participating."

     Players would spend time going through five stations set up around the field.
     Each one focusing on the fundamentals of baseball, like aiming at targets, hitting and fielding.

     "When you see the smiles on these kids' faces when they're throwing a ball or firing a ball at some body's head or hitting a ball over the fence, just the magic that's what's amazing about sports," said Dave Clark Foundation Ambassador Athlete, Dave Stevens. "It completely transcends everything. Just to come out here and to be able to hit a ball and to throw and to run the bases and the high five game that we're doing, it just gives them an opportunity to just be a kid."

     Each player got a free shirt and hat along with a certificate.

     After the game, players could also enjoy a barbeque with family and volunteers.

     "Dave and I made a commitment years ago that if we're going to do more of these events it would never come at a charge for the participants and their families, so we literally raise all the money that's needed to put these events on, " said Cornfield.

     But while the game may have taught players how to play ball, it also showed them dreams have no boundaries. 

     To learn more about the Dave Clark Foundation, you can visit their website at: