ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Up to $5 million could be coming to Elmira's First Arena for improvements and renovations.

     The council approved the resolution to apply for the money, which is a part of the state's "Restore New York" grant program. The city council says if approved, the money would be used to help repair the arena's ice plant and roof.

     As we reported back in June, a buyer withdrew after negotiations to buy First Arena fell through. Mayor Mandell says the grant would help out the County Industrial Development Agency get the building back up to par so it can be sold.

     "We're hopeful that we will get the money once we submit the application to the state," said City of Elmira mayor, Daniel Mandell. "Because it's only for cities, that's why we had to submit the application for this money and that's why we're pushing forward with this. It's something that will hopefully bring this arena back and get someone to buy and hopefully bring hockey back to the first arena. So it's a big project."

Four of the five Elmira city council members voted in favor of the resolution, with 2nd District Councilman Brent Stermer abstaining.