TOWN OF CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- After getting hundreds of thousands of views across the globe, a Steuben County man is now facing charges with a dangerous stunt caught-on-camera.

According to New York State Police records, 21-year-old Christopher Merola of the City of Corning is facing a slew of charges, including a felony count of falsifying business records, and a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment.

The records indicate that charges were leveled against Merola on October 6th.

At the beginning of the video in question, it starts off with a Snapchat-esque vertical shot of a hill, that appears to be Bailey Creek Road in the Town of Corning.

Behind the camera, the bold plan unfolds from the video creator, "Alright my car is dead, I am going to skateboard down this hill." He then stands on the frame of the car, hanging on to the open door, as the car rolls down the hill and begins to pick up speed as it heads downhill.

As the car skids around the corner, the man holding onto the door appears to be clutching for dear life, when suddenly he's thrown from the car and into a ditch.

Initially, after the October 2nd crash, charges were not filed against Merola...

According to New York State Police records, Christopher Merola is facing:

  • Falsifying business records 1st degree (Class E Felony)
  • Reckless endangerment (Class A Misdemeanor)
  • Reckless driving
  • Failure to keep to the right
  • Drive left of pavement markings
  • Moved from lane unsafely
  • Imprudent speed
  • Open door interferes with traffic
  • Coasting downgrade in neutral
  • Use of portable electronic device
  • Operating motor vehicle with one hand on steering wheel
  • Seat belt violation
  • Person holds onto moving motor vehicle

Merola was released on an appearance ticket.

The Youtube user "Walnut Pancakes", who is believed to be Merola, recently added the following into the description of the video:

"Hi everybody. It's me again. I didn't think this would gain the popularity that it did. It was very stupid to post this video. Unfortunately, there's no turning back now. I feel deep regret, and to many people, any negative repercussions that I may experience is thought of as positive, and I do see why. My actions were rash, unsafe, and uncalled for. Of course I'm not thinking of doing anything like this again, but of course, people who complain about children possibly being on the s curve is a bit absolutely ridiculous. They weren't. Tell me why you would let your children play in the middle of an s curve? The good thing is, nobody was hurt (including myself). Killing myself wouldn't have changed or justified the crash, but thank you all for the comments."