November 28, 2017 

SULLIVANVILLE, NY (WENY) -- After a string of burglaries and break-ins throughout Sullivanville, Veteran, Cayuta and other surrounding neighborhoods, people decided they wanted to take action to ensure better safety.  

Offering ideas and offering eyes all for community safety: those are the goals behind the newly re-established Sullivanville Neighborhood Watch group. 

"There has been some activity going on and we want to try to get all the neighbors aware of what's going on and getting to know our neighbors again," says Marlene Little, one of
the organizers behind the group. 

People enthusiastically shared ideas, concerns, information and suggestions to help better protect the communities they live in. 

"Many of us are talking about security systems - extra lights, cameras - that's something we'll be talking about at the meeting. How do we make sure that we're safe and that we can share that with our neighbors," says Evanna Koska, one of the other main organizers behind the group. 

The Neighborhood Watch Group spans four towns across two counties. During the gathering, people were asked to be a little interactive to help organize a safety plan. 

"So what we want to do is have people indicate on the map where they are so that we can see if there are clusters of houses, they might want to follow the example of one group of close neighbors who have each other on speed dial," Koska says. 

The group already has a team of 14 people who make up the neighborhood watch board, which is something organizers say helps to legitimize their efforts.

"I'm very impressed because the last Neighborhood Watch was three people putting all their energy into it. This is 14 people - that shows a commitment of people in the neighborhood and many others, I think, are willing to help," says Koska.

"This meeting is amazing. They ought to be very proud of themselves out here. Sullivanville is going to be taken back by the community, it looks like. Yes, they should be very proud. And the police and the legislators and the politicians in the area ought to take notice, things are happening out here," says David Reynolds, who is the Director of the Neighborhood Watch Group for the Village of Horseheads. 

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on December 19th at 6 p.m. at the Sullivanville United Methodist Church.