And the roller coaster continues! This morning we are already starting off well above where we were yesterday temperatures wise. Mild air has filtered into the area due to a warm front. Due to this pocket of warmth, morning temperatures have been able to remain in the upper 20s with some in the 30s! It is crazy to think that this time yesterday we were in the single digits. Through the day highs will rise into the mid 40s, about 10-15 degrees above the average for this time of year! A few scattered snow(early) and rain showers(as temperatures rise above freezing) will also be around through the day with highs near 44. Things will change however as we head through the evening, as an arctic front blasts through the region, temperatures will drop drastically through the overnight barely rising through the teens on Friday. This front will also bring the potential for some more snow showers late day Thursday that may be heavy at times also reducing visibility.