UPDATE 10:15AM: Chemung County says NYSDOT has offered to share its salt supply with the county if they should run low.


CHEMUNG, Co. (WENY) -- Officials in Chemung County have a warning for drivers today. They want to make sure everyone is safe on the road.

They're also cutting down on the amount of salt they'll be using because of a supplier shortage. 

Highway agencies across the region are working with a limited supply of road salt.

Because of this, we're told road crews will only be salting after the snow stops falling on Wednesday. 

And certain areas like bridges, busy intersections, school and hospital zones will take priority.

In the meantime, the plows will be out, getting the snow off main roadways as fast as they can.

Highway superintendents are urging people to use caution.

They want to make sure you allow yourself sufficient travel time. Driving in snowy conditions does take longer.

You should also make sure to give yourself some extra space on the road. 

If you have to stop, remember the roads may be slick and it could take longer than normal.

They also suggest matching your speed to road and weather conditions and making sure you clean your car off completely before heading out.