Ithaca, N.Y. (WENY) - The Ithaca Police Department is investigating two incidents in close proximity on Thursday, in which two separate women were sexually harassed. This follows an incident early Wednesday morning, when a female student at Cornell University was also sexually harassed.

The first incident occurred when a men described as a 5'8 white male exposed himself to a female student at Cornell University.

The second incident occurred in the area of Cascadilla and North Geneva Street, while the third was in the area of the 400 block of North Tioga Street. Ithaca Public Information Officer Jamie Williamson says, "During one of the incidents, a female was touched in the intimate areas of her body by an unknown person and about 20 minutes later another person displayed his genitalia to another female."

The suspect in both incidents had the same description. Williamson says, "In both incidents the offender was about a 5'8 white male, skinny build, wearing dark clothing."

Police are not currently lumping the two incidents together. Williamson says, "We're handling them as separate incidents until we can determine otherwise, but again considering the close proximity to each other in regards to  location and time we believe our investigation will lead us to the same suspect."

Police are also not currently lumping those two incidents with the Cornell incident. Williamson says, "We are handling our incidents as separate from the Cornell incident. Who knows where our investigations are going to lead us, but at this point we are handling them as separate but sharing information as we do with all investigations."

Police say if you have any information or face a similar encounter, please call police right away.

You can contact the Ithaca Police Department at (607)-272-9973.