CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Lloyd Neurauter was extradited from Mercer County Correctional Facility and bought to Steuben County this evening. Neurauter is being accused of murdering his ex-wife, forty-six year old, Michele Neurauter in her Corning home back in August.

"He was brough back here to Corning Police Department," said Corning Police Chief, Jeffrey Spaulding. "He was finger printed, photographed and processed and now he's been taken to the Steuben County jail where he'll sit on no bail until his arraignment on Monday afternoon in Steuben County court."

He faces nine counts, including murder in the first degree. Members of Corning Police Department say Neurauter has been very cooperative throughout the whole extradition process.

"Mr. Neurauter has been very cooperative in the process," said Spaulding. "It was very cooperative on the way back to New York. Cooperative during the finger printing and photographing. I would anticipate the safe travels up to Steuben County as well."

Along with Lloyd, his twenty-year-old daughter, Karrie Neurauter, is also being accused of murdering her mother.  She faces four counts, including murder in the second degree. The Corning Police Department says both her and Lloyd are being held at the Steuben County Jail without bond until their next court appearance on Monday. 

"Lloyd will be held the weekend in Steuben County jail," said Spaulding, "and then he'll be formally arraigned on Monday afternoon up in county court."