Horseheads, N.Y. (WENY) -- Korean War Veteran Charles Sullivan turned 88 today and for his birthday, received one of the best surprises of his life. 
To fight in The Korean War, Charles had to drop out of high school so he was never able to finish, making life a bit tougher after the war was over.

His son Joseph wanted to make this day a special one, and it all started with asking his father what he wanted to do the most. He told us, "I had asked him if there was anything that he had wanted to do or want to do."

"I could load him in the car and take him anywhere. We could see it or do it, and he said the only thing he wished he had done was graduate high school, and got his diploma."

It was a great day for Charles as he finally achieved his dream of getting a high school diploma, and even inspired two of his old comrades to pursue one as well. If you are, or know a veteran that might be interested in getting their diploma please reach out to Operation Recognition at