ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The state's first industrial hemp research form was held at Cornell to discuss how the New York can become a future leader in industrial hemp research, production and processing. Over the past year, state officials has worked alongside Cornell University and Morrisville State College to research the possibilities of hemp.

    "We've had a great project last year," said New York State Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Markets, Richard Ball. "The largest research project I think we've ever done together with Cornell University and SUNY Morrisville on industrial hemp where we had over two-thousand acres planted across the state. From Buffalo to out to Long Island Sound."

    Throughout the forum, participants were able to share their research findings, challenges and successes.

    "We've learned that there's more to hemp than any of us ever imagined," said Ball. "Over twenty-five-hundred uses for industrial hemp. An incredible amount of enthusiasm by our grower community and our processing community to take advantage of this new crop opportunity in New York State."

    This forum comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in his state of the state address that the state will continue to support and invest in agricultural innovation. Officials hope their work will help create a thriving economy for the Southern Tier.

    "A whole new consumer products that people here in the state of New York will be excited about having been grown and produced locally," said Cornell University's Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Kathryn Boor. "So it's about a thriving economy for rural New York."