HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- From sunup to sundown, six days a week the work continues at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport.

And for a project slated for completion in only about 7 months, Director of Aviation Bill Hopper says the crew is "moving very quickly."

From the time officials found out they had been awarded a state grant for the renovations and construction, to the October 2018 opening, crews only had 26 months. Twenty-six months to design, plan, and build a new state of the art facility.

Hopper says, "it's a challenge. Ya know... A lot of fun. But defiantly very challenging." And because of the tight schedule, the work has to mesh together. "Phase 1 is pretty much putting up the frame. Putting up the exterior and the enclosing it. And then phase 2 is doing the interior work. And then you get into phase 3. And it's like the restaurant and a few other things."

Because the project is moving so fast, Hopper tells WENY News there have been some hiccups. "Oh many. But you recover. When you're reworking this fast it's hard to see what really may be a problem. When you move a little slower, you kind of look at these things and you're set up for them." But there's a contingency plan in place for almost any obstacle. This way when an issue arises, crews can move on to a different part of the project while the problem is addressed.