Bath, N.Y. (WENY) - Steuben County held their first "Stand Up for Recovery" rally on Tuesday at the Steuben County office building. Steuben County also proclaimed March 6th as "Stand up for Recovery Day".

The rally was sponsored by Addiction Awareness of Steuben County, and Friends of Recovery-Steuben, which are both addiction services in the county. County Manager Jack Wheeler says, "The amount of people that are participating in recovery services in this county is tremendous and it really is heartwarming to see how many people are actively engaged in this and the more we can raise awareness, the more we can bring people to help support."

While the county is doing what they can to battle drug addiction, they are still in need of support. Wheeler says, "We're investing a significant amount of money here in Steuben to address it, but we need more resources so that's part of today's goal is to advocate to our state and federal leaders that we have a serious problem and we need resources to combat it."

Jennifer Owens, a member of Friends of Recovery-Steuben County shared her experiences, after her battle with addiction ended in serious consequences. She says, "I lost custody of my children and I was basically alone in my addiction and had no clue what to do, where to turn, where to get help, who to talk to even. Now that I know what's available and what we can do to help each other, I try to advocate as much as possible to let other people know that are walking that path now that, 'hey, we're here.'"

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For more information on Addiction Awareness of Steuben County, click this link for their Facebook page.

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