BROOME COUNTY, NY (WENY) -- Officials in the Southern Tier are taking a stand against city leaders downstate, demanding they stop a program sending homeless people to Broome County.

The program promises to pay their rent for one year but only if they live somewhere other than New York City. 

It's called the Special One Time Assistance program or SOTA. Officials with the county say they only learned about the program last week. And so far, they say they know of five families that have moved to their area and say there could be more.

These families are in need of several different forms of public assistance. Local leaders say that burden is now with Broome County even before New York City stops paying for rent. 

Howard Schultz, the Assistant Broome County Attorney says "...these five families that have come up here were on long-term assistance within the city, and the city didn't do what they needed to do to fix that situation."

Schultz says New York City should be taking these families back and the county will be seeking compensation for taking them in.