CORNING,N.Y. (WENY) -- Corning's Gaffer District held their annual "Cabin Fever" vent this evening on Market Street. For fifteen dollars, people can stop by businesses downtown and taste different beers and wine.  

    "It's an annual tradition and although the tasting is a big draw, it's also a great opportunity to check in with the businesses here in the middle of the winter and enjoy all the great things we have," said Corning's Gaffer District Executive Director, Coleen Fabrizi. "Whether it's shopping or dining or anything else."

    If you're not a big drinker, restaurants and bars involved with Cabin Fever also offer free things, like hot chocolate, to designated drivers. All the money from the ticket sales will go towards helping the Gaffer District put on more events.

    "Anything that we do just helps support all of the events that we put on throughout the year," said Fabrizi. "As you know, we do some big events and so,as a not-for-profit, we rely on the money from the wine and beer tasting to make everything happen year-round."