VETERAN, N.Y. (WENY) -- In 2009, local resident Drew Guild was also involved in an accident on Route 13, but luckily for him and his daughter, they were able to walk away.

     Guild says he and his daughter were t-boned as they made a left hand turn onto Route 13 at the now round-about in front of Bryne Dairy in Horseheads. The accident caused their vehicle to roll several times before landing next to a light pole. Guild says in all the years he has traveled up and down route thirteen, he's seen a lot of scary things and some almost accidents.  

    "I've seen people doing over 65 miles and hour on the 55 on that road," said Guild. "A lot of angry driver issues. A lot of people passing tractor trailers because they're going that speed, but they're passing tractor trailers as other cars are coming the other way."

    We're working on getting information from the New York State Department of Transportation and the State Police about past accidents and things they've been seeing on the stretch of road from Horseheads to Ithaca.

    We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.