CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -   "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,"  that was the echoing chant from protesters in the city of Corning on Saturday as well as in cities nationwide. Hundreds of people crowded together. Many of them holding signs, before marching down Market street, to hear what local students and faculty had to say about ending gun violence in schools.  

Dora Leland, a teacher at Horseheads Middle School, was one of the speakers at the event. Leland spoke about the safety of local schools as well as schools across the country. She added, "We are really marching in support of schools. We need funding, we need support and we need people to finally listen to parents, to teachers but, most of all the amazing students you heard today."

A local student also addressed the crowd with a strong message, stating, "The future of our nation is at stake. The safety, the well-being and opportunities of all of the students of this nation are at stake."

Some speakers even took the stand to express their own personal stories when it comes to gun violence. As well as calling on Congressman Tom Reed to take action. Along with sending a strong message to our Government.

When students and faculty were asked what message they have for the Government and lawmakers, they responded 

"They have the power to make things happen, its not enough anymore to say their thoughts and prayers are with us. They need to start passing legislation that is going to make the schools safe once and for all," said Leland.

Another student from Corning-Painted Post Middle School added, "If you really care more about your guns then the lives of children my age, then you should just step out of office."

Students, faculty and the public say they are going to continue to march and fight until their voices are heard.