ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- A new candidate has thrown her name into the ring for a seat on the Chemung County Legislature. Tanisha Logan-Lattimore announced tonight she'll be running in district 13. Logan-Lattimore says she believes it's time for a change in the city of Elmira. She believes her ideas will help make Elmira a safer place for future generations, while also bring more jobs and money to the county.

"I want it to be seen as a safe place," said Logan-Lattimore. "That's the main key, for it to be seen as a safe place because it's not right now. The arena will revenue, it'll bring jobs, it will bring entertainment in this area. It will be a place where people will want to come. So it want it to be like a safe hub."

Logan-Lattimore says she'll be hitting the pavement starting this weekend to go door-to-door and meet with her constituents and get her message out. She's running against Republican, Scott Drake. The current Republican incumbent, Richard Madl, has yet to announce his plans.