Mansfield, P.A. (WENY) - Dating violence, it is a problem that can be difficult to talk about. However, experts say it is common on college campuses. Research indicates that 1 in 5 college students experience dating violence.

"I went through a traumatic experience, it kind of brought myself esteem down. But once I got out of it, I don't hold onto it, I don't like to keep bringing it up or anything. I don't let that keep me down, I let that be what makes me stronger," said Essence Gordon, a freshman at Mansfield University. 

On Wednesday, advocates at Mansfield University helped spread the word on their campus, by holding a Red Flag Campaign.
The students that held the campaign were social work students from Associate Professor Mary Dayl's Communities and Organizations class. Students in the class could choose any topic that brings awareness to their college campus for their class project. 

"It raises awareness for sexual assault and domestic violence and more specifically on college campuses. So its fitting that we're doing it right here on campus," said Social Work Student and Member of Communities and Organizations class, Junior, Claudia Quhns. 

Students were asked to sign their name and given the opportunity to take a selfie as well as an awareness pin and place a red flag around campus. 

"The Red Flag Campaign is, "if you see something, say something," be that bystander, stand up for the things that you've seen. Similar to the TV show, "What Would You Do?"  So just say something, it doesn't matter if you are not quiet sure, say something because you could be saving a life," said Dusty Zeyn, Associate Director of Student Living and Community Program at Mansfield University. 

The campaign drew in sixty-two students who all placed a red flag throughout the Universities campus.