Mansfield, P.A. (WENY) - We're learning more about Mansfield University's request for a tuition freeze for the fall 2018 semester.

The state system's Board of Governors approved the tuition freeze for the 2018-2019 academic year. The request came from students and parents who were unsure about the rate of tuition. The rates are based on the academic achievement of each student and all undergrads are charged tuition on a per-credit basis, as we've reported, this has led to 34 different tuition rates at the University.

"Right now, everything is in the hands of the state system down in Harrisburg, everything is being studied . We have a situation where we developed several pricing plans that didn't really work to be perfectly honest. Now, we are trying to formulate a plan, moving forward with what will work. So the thinking behind the tuition freeze that we requested right now is that we hold align and then work out the problems," said Terry Day, Director of Communications at Mansfield University. 

Starting in 2019 Mansfield University will be able to move forward with a new plan and address students needs.